W Y T H™ brings people together even if they are not together

WYTH™ is the high-end digital platform builder for event makers.
People can chat, share pictures and documents, interact, learn, make business, have fun and of course, even fall in love.


The Seamless
Live Experience

WYTH™ is the solution for innovative brands and institutions that needs to create their own digital live communication platform to bring people together under the same roof, even during a lockdown.

Our Mission

Bring people together by deleting time and distance

We do it for corporate, private and public companies by offering to the audience a seamless, sharable experience with a pristine audio and video quality, interaction tools and many other branding feature that keep the audience engaged in a safe and entertaining environment.

Match Making
Chat & Video

The three pillars



A content design strategy with cutting edge technologies or with custom interactive stages can help you to push the boundaries of the live experience

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We offer a collaborative audio/video cloud architecture able to auto-scale and support any size of the event production crew with the highest available quality

More scalable
More secure
More reliable
More powerful
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Distribute the video content inside your custom platform made on WYTH™ will grant you to engage and entertain the audience and to create a strong brand experience

Scalable numbers of rooms
Scalable stages and roundtables
Networking & Match Making
Virtual stands for tradeshows
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Zero Density®
High-end Virtual Sets + A.R.

types of business

WYTH™ is designed to
enable and extend your

Product Launches
Corporate events
Trade Shows
Sport events
Live Shows

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We will be happy to meet you and talk about your needs with respect to your next project. If you want to invite your team, we can also manage large group presentations.


Are you looking to increase profit of your business?

WYTH™ can increase your sales of tickets, workshops, training, merchandise and any other type of content by extending your event experience effectively to your full potential audience and can help guests to make more business too!

More Services

Multi-device native and can run on TVs, Workstations, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

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Photo friendly

People will be able to make and share pictures and documents in our internal chat as well as make video calls.

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All the content of your event can be commented and shared realtime in team of people in place at the event or remotely connected.

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Detailed powerful set of analytics in order to exactly understand what is happening on your platform almost in realtime.

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Custom Development

WYTH™ is a framework made by unique and powerful components. We can expand the feature of your live experience platform with new custom features designed exclusively for your scope of business.

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Good Design

The design is an important parto of our framework. We care about people and the way they can interact with informations and contents, that's why we've built good design oriented components.

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Here’s answers to our most common questions

Convergence vs Transformation

We believe that live experiences do not need a digital transformation process, rather, is important a convergence process to connect the digital and the physical worlds to bring people together even when they are not in the same place.

How many users can be handled by WYTH™

We designed our plaform builder on the framework architecture with a model that can scale automatically. There is no physical limit. WYTH™ can manage millions of users and hundreds of control rooms for the most demanding events.

What's the price?

It depends by the duration of your event, how many rooms or stages you are runnng in parallel, how many exhibitors you have in your tradeshow and how many people will attend your event. It's easy to understand together but it's impossible to provide on a website, just send us an email and in a quick call we can understand your needs and provide a quotation.

What I'm going to buy exactly?

We are able to offer a complex mix of combinations to meet the most sophisticated needs of each client. Once, in the short term, long term, continuous, permanent, partnership, co-ownership. Just ask, we are happy to help you find the perfect dress for your event.

Can you be interested in a tech. partnership with my event?

We are always interested in evaluating partnerships with public events, musical and artistic events, to build strong relationships, to support each other.

1) It will not be free, we will offer special conditions.
2) We only select a limited number of events per year.
3) We will probably test new technologies

What is a Platform builder?

It’s a simplification system that make easy, secure and fast something really complicated.
Our platform builder is based on a complex  framework with a series of ready-to-use modules to build your platform. By choosing the right ones you will be able to have a customised home tailored for your company in a fraction of time and costs compared to building one from scratch.

What is a Coud control room?

It is a technology that we developed on Amazon AWS servers that allows technical crews to manage many parallel control rooms that bring the production team together even when the world is in a complete lockdown situation.

In which countries is WYTH™ active

We are ready to carry out projects in Europe, the United States, Australia, Africa and in some regions of Asia. For a perfect delivery of your contents we have partnered with AKAMAI to cover the world with CDN.

Can I become a reseller?

If your company has customers who have the problem of managing a large group of people in online environments for live sessions or events, you can probably become a reseller. If your company also has expertise in event planning and production or is a video / streaming service or a social or digital media agency, you can probably be a WYTH ™ value-added reseller.

Why it's called W Y T H ?

It means: I am with you but with the Y as a symbol of convergence between the digital and the physical world. The distance between the letters wants to remind us of the moment when W Y T H was born: The Lockdown.

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