The Circular

Our system is modular, customizable, scalable and 100% whitelabel: always accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Wyth is designed to facilitate a virtuous cycle of experiences converging on a single platform. We call it the Circular Experience.

The Circular Experience is Wyth’s human-centered approach to technology aiming to connect social, interactive and collaborative frameworks to enable deeper relationships in every aspect of our lives.

We are more connected than ever but we have less meaningful relationships.
Wyth turns connections into relationships by reimagining our shared digital experiences and the way we take part in them as a community.

Wyth’s Circular Experience enables people and companies to radically transform the way they deliver premium, seamless digital experiences.

The circular experience, is based in 3 principles.


The circular experience, is based in 3 principles.


The circular experience, is based in 3 principles.



From platform to experience.

The circular experience is designed to inspire new ways of being together in order to make the most of each other. It’s not so much about what we share with others as it is about what we do with them and how we find new ways to be together.


From dispersion to confluence.

The circular experience is designed to remove barriers between interactions, experiences and conversations allowing them to live on the same space and communicate seamlessly with other conventional platforms.


From connections to relationships.

The circular experience is designed to deepen our relationships with those around us. The idea of connection becomes obsolete and superficial when you can always be connected with people who share your interests and ambitions and can live, work and learn with them at any moment.

Mission and Vision.

Our Mission

We build technologies to generate meaningful relationships beyond the interface.

Our Vision

We want to level the field for everyone to be part of any community through human-centered digital experiences that benefit all of us and the world we live in.




Entertainment clients we partnered with.

Business clients we partnered with.

Education clients we partnered with.


If your values align with ours, let’s talk.

We are always interested in talking with talented people with a maker mindset and a relentless, optimistic and human approach to collaboration.

Articles and Publications.

Some publications

When our partners have an impact on people and their communities we draw attention from global media. Here’s a collection of our favorite articles:

Il Giornale

The “Heroes” Maxi concert prepares its second edition after the successful debut at Arena di Verona.

Il Fatto Quotidiano

Heroes – The future starts now.

ADC Group

International film schools start again online: Wyth’s digital platform welcomes students in its virtual classrooms.

Sky TG 24

The Green Table is inaugurated in Perugia: a new way to discuss sustainability.

Il Sole 24 Ore

34 artists for the biggest ever Italian live streaming concert.



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TOP 100 Swiss Startup 2022
Grand Prix Moebius Suisse 2021
BoldBrain Challenge Finalist 2020

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