In a WYTH experience people can chat, share pictures and documents, interact, learn, do business, have fun and of course, even fall in love

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Are you looking to grow your business?

WYTH can increase your ticket sales , workshops, training, merchandise and any other type of content by extending your event experience to it's full potential audience and can help guests do more business too.

even if the content is qualitatively excellent, there will always be something missing… the human connection.

Thanks to our customized platforms, though, even if the event is 100% virtual, all those involved will feel like they’re participating for real.

Chatting, networking, showcasing, interacting and sharing emotions.

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Safe + Scalable Architecture

A mix of the most advanced technologies and best practices.

When it comes to security and safety there's no space for experiments. The architecture we've implemented is able to auto scale, to load balance resources, prevent DDoS attack and many other security risks. For maximum safety of the live community we offer moderation and abuse report tools.

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Virtual Production Cloud

Our Cloud Control Rooms can enable a scalable production team to collaborate and co-create.

The WYTH production cloud is a scalable environment that gives the right tools to each component of your team for mixing video and audio, graphics or even 3D realtime virtual sets and augmented reality.

We deliver best in class Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality content thanks to a partnership with Zero Density

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WYTH Spaces

Where magic happens

WYTH spaces brings together people present and remote, offering them a high quality and seamless experience.

In each room anyone will be able to look around and, thanks to WYTH Connect, will be able to chat or make a video call with interesting people who have similar interests.

Interactive tools will offer a physical layer to virtual guests and a digital experience to guests at the event.

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WYTH Plaza

You'll always meet interesting people at the WYTH Plaza

A virtual plaza where people can meet, chat, sell, buy or share. Our plaza is controlled by 3 algorithms that facilitate connections between people who share similar interests and passions.

Like a real plaza, but better.

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WYTH Booths

The best practice for world class exhibitions, fairs and conferences.

Virtual and customizable booths where brands and guests meet: the virtual version of a stand at a fair or a corner at a music festival. In a WYTH BOOTH you can interact with a brand in a highly customized area to discover new products, attend presentations and demo sessions.

All of this, as if you were actually there.

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Sharing and Interactions

We make people share the fun with friends and keep them engaged at the event.

When it comes to strong interactivity we can offer custom technologies that let people interact with the event content by, for instance: unlocking a car reveal or generating contents on stage or changing the virtual set by shaking their phone. We have classic interactions designed in the right way. Q&A, Room Chat and of course Polls that you can use it in place, over the video feed, without leaving the show.

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By bridging physical and digital we create a mix of data useful to understand both sides of the event.

Our Platforms are digital enablers for the physical space. With the right implementation your platform will produce an incredible set of meaningful data.

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Everything, Custom

Everything can be customized in WYTH

WYTH is a high-end + white-label Platform Builder composed of unique and powerful components. In a WYTH™ implementation project is possible to customise any design aspect of each component and also expand your platform with new custom features designed exclusively for your scope of business.

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Good Design

A pleasant and functional interface designed by humans for humans.

The design is an important part of WYTH. We care about people and the way they have to interact with information and content, that's why we've built good design oriented components.

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Best practice for quick & solid implementations.

We believe in vertical solutions with rapid implementation processes to help companies quickly start their projects and find easy solutions to complex problems.

Available verticals:
- Trade shows
- Music Festivals
- Film Festivals
- Art Fairs
- Corporate Meetings
- Product Launches
- Training Sessions

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Apps integrated in WYTH


The World's No. 1 Film Festival Management Software

Eventival is an event technology company active mainly in the entertainment industry. Its film festival management application is the world's most widely used film festival data management and logistical tool.

The integration includes Eventival Account authentication and participant data synchronisation with the Eventival Back Office.

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We are looking for Partners who want to offer the most complete and scalable solution to their high-end customers.

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