Wyth Circles is the first all-in-one platform to create and manage a community, run multiple events, collaborate and provide meaningful social experiences. 100% private and always accessible.

Plaza is the heart of the Wyth experience.

Here, the members of your community meet, connect and form relationships through networking and discussions. You can create as many Plaza as your event requires.
Our two proprietary matchmaking algorithms match attendees based on common interests;

List Mode lets you see other profiles in the Plaza as a list, so you can easily find those you’d like to connect with.

Speed Meet lets you start a quick video call or chat with selected attendees matching your interests progressively.

Connect is your most personal tool to host your groups, contacts and conversations and organize every interaction seamlessly on the calendar.

  • 1 Seamless Conversations

    Access current and past conversations on your smartphone and desktop, anytime.

  • 2 Audio and Video calls

    One-on-one or group calls can turn instantly into video calls, instantly and without switching screens on any device.

  • 3 Notepad

    Take notes, save any conversation and export them later into a PDF for you to archive.

Happenings are interactive spaces where members share bespoke hybrid, multi-platform experiences.

Lets you combine all the available technologies (Live Streaming, Video Conference and Conversations) and share them on the Plaza with thousands of third-party apps for every kind of event you can imagine.

Wyth Stories is a library of on-demand content you can create and share with your community.

Always accessible for wide audiences.

Immediately available after a live session.

Search and storage functionalities for your previous Wyth’s experiences.

Wyth Spaces are where you create and host multiple events and happenings for the members of your community.

Schedule and keep track of all community events.
Polls and Q&A
Real time polls for your community and Q&A session.
Areas for your partners, sponsors and clients where they can freely upload their content.
People Button
Start a 1-to-1 chat with another attendee anymoment and anywhere.
Highlight your speakers and people of interest.
Invite your community to sign-up for open and limited-spots events.

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