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The Cloud Solution for any Hybrid Event

The Cloud Solution for any Hybrid Event

September 1, 2020

WYTH empowers the human connection in the emerging global market of hybrid and digital events. 

Through a fully customizable user interface design and its scalable architecture, WYTH empowers the human connection in the emerging global market of hybrid and digital events. 

WYTH: The Cloud Solution for any Hybrid Event

LUGANO, Switzerland: In 2020, hybrid events have surely become top-of-mind as the current pandemic has imposed restrictions concerning the way people interact with each other. With physical, in-person events no longer being an option, event organizers were forced to re-evaluate the entire lifecycle of events’ planning, organization and implementation and to bring to the table new technical answers not to lose their revenues and disappoint their customers.

In this scenario, WYTH, the cloud solution to create customized community platforms for live happenings and on-demand contents, offers a unique user experience where people can naturally meet and interact solving the missing factor of the human connection.As stated by the Swiss Startup founder Samuele Franzini: “WYTH allows organizers to make their digital event more physical or their physical event more digital”.

The biggest strength of the platform, whose User Interface is fully customizable and whose auto scaling architecture can host from 1 to more than one million users, is that it pushes human connection in a unique way. In fact, WYTH brings people together in any area of the platform, engaging them in a continuous networking experience (thanks to combination of two match-making algorithms), yet in a very simple and usable(cross-device) interface. Anyone can use WYTH to attend an event, to meet other people, have fun and make business too, and not only computer experts or tech savvies. Multi language streamings, up to 12 languages simultaneously, are also easy to implement.

So far, WYTH was chosen for products’ launch, conventions, digital fairs, audiovisual markets, but also for live shows such as the biggest live streaming concert ever made in Italy, HEROES at the Arena di Verona, with 38.000 participants following the streaming in addition to the 3.000 attendees. Being it an extremely flexible tool, WYTH was sold to the final customer by quoting only the usage implemented, bringing a great advantage compared to other competitors in the market.  

Within the current epidemic circumstances, the chances for people to mingle with strangers, shake hands and grab drinks in the margins of an event are pretty slim. However, even if COVID-19 was the undisputed catalyst for the recent boom in hybrid events, when things return to the “new normal” it is likely that event organizers will still be interested in hybrid events. As Franzini states: “I believe not limiting an event to a single format, whether that’s virtual or in-person, allows organisers to capitalize on the strengths of each and unlock an entire audience of potential attendees who now have the option of going to events virtually. I strongly trust the investments on hybrid events will heavily increase for all types of happenings in the next future”.


Press& Communication Officer – Maddalena Monge 

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