From Corporations
to Communities.

As a society, we are reimagining the way we want to work, opening exciting opportunities for organizations to rethink themselves and take advantage of this fundamental shift.

In this context, companies thrive when they build a collective mindset and benefit from a strong shared culture.

That’s why enterprises and start-ups around the world are re-evaluating approaches and processes in order to create the right environment for colleagues and partners to work, collaborate and belong in ways that strengthen their sense of community.

Wyth’s Circular Experience Platform is designed to set up, manage and own the online version of your company around its most valuable asset: people.

Wyth’s intuitive and seamless messaging and collaborative tools foster communication and simplify the integration of work streams and processes.

Unlike other community, collaboration or events tools, Wyth lets you build your company’s private space to host your whole community.

It offers an all-in-one set of tools to work, collaborate and develop meaningful relationships among your workforce, partners and customers. Literally your CRM best friend.

Components Highlights.

Your most personal tool to host your groups, contacts and conversations and organize every interaction seamlessly on the calendar.
Interactive spaces where members share bespoke hybrid, multi-platform experiences. (Sales Meetings).

Davines Worldwide Hair Tour.

Davines is a high-end hair products company, acclaimed and appreciated worldwide.

Davines and Wyth partnered to develop a virtual platform for its yearly corporate event: the Davines Worldwide Hair tour. During the two-day digital event, the Davines community could meet and interact online using the matchmaking function.

Training and networking events were fully interactive allowing everyone to participate and collaborate in real-time. Meanwhile, a social wall would showcase all the live video content shared during the convention, as it was translated into 7 languages.

More than 5000 attendees from 98 countries joined and participated in the event.

Knorr Eatvist.

During the “World Eat for Good Day!” Knorr launched the global campaign “Eativist,” inviting people to improve their diets by swapping one ingredient for a more nutritious and sustainable one.

Partnering with the event agency Identity Group, Wyth produced a digital space where Knorr’s employees, stakeholders, and managers could communicate the importance of this campaign to the public and the company while allowing everyone to share their input and collaborate on defining the initiative.

Attendees could connect and interact live using digital tools like chats, polls, and Q&A. Plus, through a dedicated app, they’d get exclusive access to content such as yoga and meditation training, cooking lessons, and soundscapes.

More than 560 participants interacted over different time zones during the 3-day event in a fully integrated, collaborative way.

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