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Sports teams, musicians and artists in general are looking for innovative and effective ways to communicate, gather and engage with their fanbases in unique ways that strengthen their identities and elevate their product.

While building solid and direct relationships is crucial for driving subscriptions, generating a holistic, premium experience is key.

Wyth’s Circular Experience Platform is designed to host millions of fans and give them a platform to gather, communicate and strengthen their relationship. Wyth helps you build a stronger sense of community around your brand, offering new ways to monetize your content in a private platform fully owned by you.

Unlike community platforms, social media, or even fan groups Wyth allows you to engage with your fans with an all-in-one set of tools and offer them an unprecedented, participatory, always-on experience that goes beyond the idea of event.

Components Highlights.

Allows you to find, connect and interact with everyone around you.
Where you can publish and archive all your on-demand content and includes pay-per-view capabilities.
Designed for every sponsor to be an active player in the community.


Heroes was the first paid live-streaming concert, held amidst the pandemic, to celebrate doctors, nurses and medical staff.

Wyth collaborated with the Live Nation, Vivo Concerti, Friends and Partners, Music Innovation Hub organizers to create an unforgettable experience integrating live streaming of 3 stages: the main stage, the interview stage, and the immersive stage.

People could meet and get to know one another in the Plaza using bespoke interactive tools. They could also buy the official merchandise through Feltrinelli commerce live integration.

More than 38.000 attendees in streaming and 3000 on-site enjoyed the concert and interacted with one another.


Medimex is the most important Italian conference about the European music market. Wyth was tasked to design and bring the event into the digital world for the very first time.

Through a bespoke digital platform, attendees could virtually meet and get to know one another using digital features like the Plaza, book on-site and online experiences and digital experiences, and interact during live events through an innovative polling system.

With more than 100 hours of streamed activity, Medimax received 100K views and 1500+ attendees.

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