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Institutions and trade associations need to keep up with other organizations and reimagine the way they communicate, engage and collaborate with their members, making them feel part of a strong, lively and active community.

Wyth’s Circular Experience Platform brings people together online and onsite with shared experiences and collaborative frameworks, enhancing relationships through a private, always-available environment designed to communicate, gather and access content from anywhere.

Unlike popular community or social media platforms, Wyth is a fully-owned, fully branded platform built around your unique, specific needs.

Our proprietary match-making technology gathers and connects people based on interests and common areas of expertise, fostering connection, generating meaningful relationships and stimulating active participation on shared discussions, work flows or events.

Components Highlights.

Hosts and connects your community based on Wyth’s proprietary matchmaking algorithms to match attendees based on common interests.
Allows you to organize your happenings and connect the community in a seamless way.
Interactive spaces where members share bespoke, hybrid, multi-platform experiences.

Locarno Pro Film Festival.

Locarno Film Festival is one of the most famous movie events in the world.

LFF chose Wyth to develop the Locarno Pro platform to bring together the film industry community and offer experiences not only at the festival but throughout the year.

Since 2021 attendees could enjoy the festival, access to exclusive content and participate through virtual networking and interactive features like the Plaza, our matchmaking system, and the Wyth Calendar.


This hybrid approach has been a success for LFF, as it has brought together more than 3,000 professionals and transformed the event into a participatory and collaborative community all year round.

ArtTech Forum.

ArtTech is a foundation that breaks down barriers between museum curators and startups, artists and academics, creatives and companies.

In 2021, ArtTech choose Wyth to create an experiential platform that offered a home to their community.

People from around the world were able to enjoy the ArtTech Forum and participate in conferences, workshops, and live events using tailored interactive features such as polls, quizzes, live messaging, and matchmaking features optimized for one-on-one meetings (live and digital) using synchronized calendars.


Through a live, fully integrated multilingual approach, ArtTech saw an increase in attendance of more than 30 percent between 2021 and 2022.

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